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4-Wire RS422 / RS485 / RS232 Surge Protector (Industrial / Passive)

Model: SPD-422-1

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The CommFront SPD-422-1 is a passive, rugged, industrial-grade, 4-wire RS422 / RS485 / RS232 surge protector that can be used to limit the voltage surges and spikes introduced to the RS422 / RS485 / RS232 data lines. This industrial RS422 / RS485 / RS232 surge protector features 3-stage surge protection Gas Discharge Tubes (GDT), protection resistors, and Transient Voltage Suppressors (TVS) - for maximum protection. The SPD-422-1 is designed to connect in series to the input of the protected equipment; when a high-voltage surge is introduced into the input, the GDT conducts electric current after becoming ionized, which in turn discharges the high-voltage surge to the earth ground. The excessive voltage will be further clamped to a safe range that the equipment can accept by the TVS. This industrial 4-wire RS422 / RS485 / RS232 surge protector features passive circuitry designs and thus requires no external power; it supports data rates up to 10Mbps and can be used for protecting RS422, RS485, RS232, telephone, facsimile, and other communication equipment. This product comes with a dedicated cable lug for solid earth ground connections and can be mounted directly onto a standard 35mm DIN rail, making it an ideal solution for heavy-duty industrial applications.

  • Model: SPD-422-1
  • Shipping Weight: 0.5lbs
  • Manufactured by: CommFront

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