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Industrial Opto-Isolated Port-Powered RS232 to RS422 Converter

Model: CVT-422-3

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The CVT-422-3 is an industrial grade (wide temperature range with surge & static protection) optically isolated bi-directional RS-232 to RS-422 converter, which can be used to convert any standard RS-232C port into a four-wire full-duplex RS-422 port and vice versa. This product features opto-isolation circuitry, which effectively protect your RS-232 devices from ground loops, transient surges and spikes. The unit is powered from the RS-232 data line; it also supports data direction auto-turnaround. Therefore, no external power or flow control is required.


RS232 to RS422 Isolated Converter data sheet

- Converts RS232 to RS422 (with opto-isolation) and vice versa.
- Industrial grade with wide temperature range, surge and static protection.
- Optical isolation effectively protects your RS-232 devices from ground loops, transient surges and spikes.
- Optical isolation eliminates ground loop and noise problems.
- Plug and play (hot-pluggable, data format auto-sensing & self-adjusting).
- Port-powered, no external power or RTS, DTR required.
- Accepts external 5VDC regulated power if the port-power is insufficient.
- Data direction auto-turnaround, no flow control is required.
- Built-in surge protection, static protection and circuit protection.
- Built-in 120Ω end-of-line terminator for easy installation.
- Surface Mount Technology manufactured to ISO-9001 standards.
- CE certified.
- 5-year manufacturer's warranty.

120 Ohm End-of-Line Terminator (Built-in)

Self-explanatory, the 120 Ohm end-of-line terminator is to be connected at the end of the RS485/RS422 transmission line. This is important for building a reliable RS485/RS422 system, not only because of impedance matching, but also for the reduction of signal reflections and noise problems.

Note: The 120 Ohm end-of-line terminator adds heavy DC loading to a system and, therefore, it should be connected only when the RS485/RS422's distance is over 660ft (200m).

  • Model: CVT-422-3
  • Shipping Weight: 0.1lbs
  • Manufactured by: CommFront

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